Our Wedding was all handmade. So can be yours :)

Gerne mache ich Hochzeitsschilder für deinen schönen Tag!

welcome wedding sign
A piece of wood which was not in used anymore turned into this welcome sign :)





Do you wanna marry me? He asked me in Portuguese, my mother language (not his), while we were on vacation in Brazil visiting my family.


Soon enough our wedding turned into my own "big hand-lettering project"! First, the wedding invitations: each letter was made and planned with meticulous care. Then, endless ideas (Pinterest, I love you!) about what kind of letterings I could make as wedding decoration! 



Invitation, welcome board, guest names, thank you notes, and much more... Hand-Lettering Art was aaaaaall over our wedding!


Of course, the vibe and love of the guests made all the difference, but I believe the handmade pieces had their part on this energy too! Call me silly, if you will, but I do believe in this! :)


Hand-Lettering, Modern Calligraphy, Handwritten art is "in" again. It is the final touch to our special day! 


Welcoming board and other wedding signs

Chalk/Black board, Wood, Glass... many possibilities !

Welcome Sign, Song Texts, Love Quotes, Directions to church and party... OMG! So many ideas!

Welcome board


Even the chalkboards are handmade: thick wood board painted with chalk paint, and then framed. The Hand-Lettering can be made with chalk or - my favorite - with permanent markers. 



- Welcome to the wedding

- Bride and Groom's names

- Date

- Floral doodles


Boards for  chairs

To be used on church chairs or in the location, the boards to the bride and groom are so charming!

As we had a bi-cultural wedding, we decided on the phrases "I love her/him" in both German and Portuguese languages.


More traditional boards are:

- Mrs. / Mr.
- Her / Him
- Better / Together

wedding signs

Any quote or song text you love can be used to decorate  your wedding. After the big day, they are great to decorate your home too :)




Other examples:

- Love is kind

- With my whole heart for my whole life

- and so the adventure begins

Center Pieces

Handmade table numbers and mini-chalks can add an extra charm to your guest tables! 

Mini-chalk itself is handmade too: MDF-board painted with black chalk paint

Guest names

Your guest names can written in very different surfaces! Small papers, very small chalks, or, as in our wedding, on tree leaves :)

Thank you souveniers

In Brazil, we have the tradition to have a small "Thank you Gift" for the guests, something they can take with in the end of the party. Here I wrote on black papers and pasted it to the mini-easel.


Save the date, invitation, thank you cards

The customised  stationary  for every detail of your wedding

Inspire yourself with the items below, but imagination and your dream have NO BOUNDARIES! Everything can be customized to YOUR NEEDS. 

wedding invitation - design


A wedding invitation designed to translate your personality and your's partner, 



Guest names were names on each envelope using a modern calligraphy style. Different fonts are possible. All handwritten. 


Do you have other ideas? Do you need help or to do a brainstorming?

We can set a telephone or skype/facetime appointment to talk about your ideas, wishes, and style! No costs, without any obligation. 

Which songs describe your guests?

I would like to share with you how we organized the release of the tables for the buffet dinner. The guests loved the idea! 


We assigned a SONG for each table. A song who reminds us the guests of THAT table.

That's why the Hand-Lettering of our center pieces are pieces of song texts! Then, to organize who gets the food, the DJ played one song after another: when the guests heard their song, they knew it was time to stand up and go to the buffet! 


If you are also planning a buffet in your wedding, it might be a good idea for you to! Even if you get the dinner served, I would still go for a song text on each table! It's just so personal and cute! You can use songs who reminds you the guests too or meaningful songs for the couple :) 

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