Elaine aka. Nane Big-Mountain

For me, Hand-Lettering combine two powerful tools to uplift our day and enhance happiness:

Creativity and inspiring Quotes!

Hi! That's me!

Hi! My name is Elaine, my friends call me Nane!


 I am a Hand-Lettering artist and "ex-scientist". I stopped making experiments in a lab that didn't fulfilled me to experiment with my own life and create more creativity, positivity and inner growth.


I love to letter quotes that inspire myself and others to create a life

with more fulfilment, happiness, awareness, authenticity, courage, and of course, creativity! 



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Why HandLettering ?


I love the energy when I meet people like you, who want to learn Lettering, go creative, and put your own energy on your artwork!  I am here to help you to transform your inspiring (or funny) quotes into a beautiful and joyful hand-lettering art! 

Later, place it on your wall or make cards for your beloved ones!  


I love "beautiful handwriting," but I also love that Hand-Lettering includes anyone!


When you make Hand-Lettering, you learn to draw letters, not to write them. That's why it doesn't matter if you are satisfied with your handwriting or not, hand-lettering has not requirements! Everyone can learn to draw beautiful letters!


 Hand-Lettering is also the perfect combination of Creativity and inspiring Quotes!


Besides the beauty of the letters, this is a HUGE motivation to me! I like to make this art to inspire me and others to laugh, to be kinder to ourselves, to be more creative, to be more "smart-productive," and of course, HAPPIER! Words are powerful! For me, if you specially choose quotes that fit totally to YOUR personality and uses it to uplift your day, it can make you (and others) smile. I love smiling people! :)


Do you need more reasons?

AlrightTudo bem! Alles gut! 

(Video in German with a Brazilian Accent! ;)

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Why "Big Mountain"?


Two reasons:


The first reason is a "silly one", but makes sense for me and my family. "Big Mountain" or in Portuguese, Serra Grande, is "another way' to say my family name "Serrão".  It's not 100% grammatically correct, but my family and I use this as a wordplay since a long time and Brazilians get it and laugh about it ;) I love smiling people!


The second reason, it's because today I see our lives, our talents and abilities as a "Big Mountain".

 For a while, I was climbing this "Big Mountain" and I was just waiting to the next step to go higher and higher, without thinking ...hum... why? Do I really want to climb this mountain?


Finding Hand-Lettering as a creative balance in my life gave me not only a new hobby but I started re-discovering a "creative side" on myself. I started seeing not only my creativity but my whole life as this "Big Mountain". We are climbing it everyday, with its up and downs. Better than just "keep climbing", what if we also appreciate where we are right now? What if we PAY ATTENTION to our path? 


Creativity helps us to pay attention to our everyday path, to the mountains we are climbing... 

There are many ways to be creative and to learn to be more creative. Let's climb it together! :)


Now I know WHY I am doing what I am doing. I know why I am focusing on teaching HandLettering to other people. 

Check this Blog Post for more (in German)


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Let's letter! 



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And before you go, Let's Connect!


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✨Enjoy your day, grow, climb Big Mountains in your life and

remember to appreciate every second of the journey✨.