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 Hey! I am Elaine, nickname is Nane!


I am in Brazilian living in Germany since 2013. I create and teach Lettering art to inspire people to find a new hobby and time to reconnect with themselves and their creativity! Even when they don't believe they can be creative ;-)


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Also private Events for

JGA and Birthday parties!*

*paused due to COVID-19 Pandemic


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The Nane's Newsletter, to inspire your creative journey!



NaneLetter is a short E-mail from me containing: 

  • Quotes to inspire you
  • Tipps or Freebies about Lettering or Bullet Journal
  • Big little cool things (usually updates about new Workshops or links to Blog-Posts and Videos!)
  • Frequency: Once or twice per Month 

As a welcome E-mail, you will receive a Lettering Art from me! You can print it and pin it to a place at your home where you can see it everyday. May it become a positive reminder to you that "TODAY is a good day!"*


*only for your personal us


Hand-Lettering for your home, wedding or a special gift

Tell me what you're looking for and I send you a quotation :)

I would love to handletter your wall! Customized art wall for your business or home! This art wall on the picture is a Guest WC :) Unique!

Hand-Lettering Art looks fantastic not only on paper and chalkboards, but also on your wall ! For your business, Cafe or even a special place at your home ♥︎

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Who is Nane?

I started looking for balance during a very stressful phase in my life: working as a scientist and doing a PhD!  The last years were filled up with emotional rollercoasters and a lot, a lot of self-knowledge!


In this journey, I discovered I am passionated about making Hand-Lettering because of the beautiful combination of ART and the POWER of WORDS!


Another passion is to teach! I love to be in a class with a small group of people with a common goal! I love seeing people having fun, getting inspired and fascinated about Lettering Art!


More than help you with Hand-Lettering and Journaling, I want to inspire you to create an everyday with more joy, intention, and creativity! :)


Nane Big Mountain



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In this video you can see how I made our wedding welcome sign

Contact me :)

Du kannst gerne mir immer schreiben und Kontakt aufnehmen. Wenn du hier bist, weil du  informiert werden möchten, über neue Workshops oder über spontane freie Plätze in einem ausgebuchten Workshop, dann trag dich bitte im "Nane Big Amigos" ein. Für andere Fragen oder mögliche Kollaborationen, bitte schreiben mir an 

(Feel free to write me in German, English or Portuguese! Pero no Spanish, no no no 😂)